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Le Marche, Italy

The everlasting tradition of the Marche region is a testament to excellence

Italian handmade shoes are the gold standard of luxury footwear for two simple reasons, material, and craftsmanship.

A three-hour drive from Rome, this region of Italy is not only idyllic but also home to the country’s most revered artisanal shoemakers. With several large shoe making facilities and numerous small and mid-sized workshops scattered throughout the area, it is an epicentre of creation.

Shoe-making Artisans

It brings together technique, extreme care for detail, intense talent and a penchant for beauty. 

Traditional shoe making techniques are passed down from generation to generation, constantly being honed and refined to do justice to the quality of the material they work with and produce that thing of beauty which is the Italian leather shoe. 
 Leather, the only ingredient used in these fine shoes is a thing of perfection and beauty. Stained and finished by hand, Italian leather is soft, shiny, smooth, and chic.

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Discover Handcrafted Italian Footwear

Commitment and patience are evident in every handmade shoe produced in AomiShoes.

Every detail of our handmade Italian shoes is expertly engineered for you. Right down to the construction of the sole.
Premium materials, quality craftsmanship, and enduring style. It’s part of our soul. Experience the difference for yourself with a pair of our handmade Italian shoes.

Best Shoes, for best style.
You are the most valuable investment you will ever make.

AomiShoes Bring power to your steps 

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